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Re: Changing kernel entry point

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 11:26 AM, Martin Osterloh
<> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just started to use NetBSD 6.0.1 (amd64). I am able to compile my own
> kernel without problems. The default entry point is 0xffffffff80100000
> according to readelf. I think the actual location in memory is 0x100000
> (1MiByte).

One thing is the physical memory location where the kernel is loaded
into (0x100000) and the other is the mapping of such physical memory
in the virtual memory space (0xfffffff80100000).

> How could I change the 0xffffffff80100000 to a value of my liking? Reason
> being that I have a custom bootloader which does not like the 0xffff...
> address (out of the virtual memory space).

What bootloader? It's probably not doing the right thing.

You need special support for NetBSD in the bootloader to be able to
properly start a NetBSD kernel. Other than loading the binary image
into memory with the correct layout, you need to construct a set of
data structures to pass information to the kernel. Or, alternatively,
you need a bootloader with multiboot support.

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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