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Re: NetBSD 6.0 fails to boot on large server

On 18/01/2013 1:12 AM, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> right now we only support memory with physical addresses less than 512 GB,
> and this system apparently assigns some of its memory to physical addresses
> higher than that (eg. to leave room for PCI memory space below 4 GB).
> this is because the "direct map" of all of physical memory only uses one
> L4 page table page, which only maps 512 GB of virtual space.
> for right now you can build a kernel that will ignore the memory with
> physical addresses higher than 512 GB with:
> options PHYSMEM_MAX_ADDR="0x8000000000L"
> I'll look at adding support for more memory this weekend
> (unless someone else would like to do it).

Looks like I'm going to be building my own kernel to try this out.

Other suggestions were around changing VM_PHYSSEG_MAX and DDB options
to force information out on panic due to the issues with the ILO.


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