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3TB device that shows up as two devices


I've bought a Verbatim 3TB Store'n'Save USB hard disk.
When I attach it, it gives me two devices:

umass2: Verbatim USB 3.0 Desktop HD, rev 2.10/0.01, addr 4
umass2: using SCSI over Bulk-Only
scsibus2 at umass2: 2 targets, 2 luns per target
sd5 at scsibus2 target 0 lun 0: <ST3000DM, 001-9YN166, CC4B> disk fixed
sd5: fabricating a geometry
sd5: 2047 GB, 2097151 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 4294965248 sectors
sd5: fabricating a geometry
sd6 at scsibus2 target 0 lun 1: <ST3000DM, 001-9YN166, CC4B> disk fixed
sd6: fabricating a geometry
sd6: 746 GB, 764437 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 1565567920 sectors
sd6: fabricating a geometry

Does anyone have a clue how to tell the hard disk to offer one 3TB partition 

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