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Re: serial console servers

At 18:12 Uhr -0700 16.7.2012, Erik Fair wrote:

[Ah, Apple Mail... Please wrap your lines to length < 80. Thanks.]

>For those of us who run computer systems with serial consoles, how do you
>handle the "terminal" side of that? Console server? Lots of old TTYs,
>LA-120's? Terminal server? A custom configuration? Lots of PC laptoys
>running PuTTY, Kermit, or "tip/cu"?

I use comms/conserver when I can.

At work, we have an Ultra 1 with two SPIF sbus cards and the nice breakout
boxes (kindly donated by a former colleague) managing serial consoles for
ATM 13 machines.

At home, I used a SPIF in an ss20, again with conserver, for controlling
the smaller machines' consoles, until the SM71s croaked. Nice thing about
the SPIFs is they are BREAK safe, even when you restart or power-cycle the
SUN - unlike a Xyplex Maxserver 20 I have toyed around with.

I have two multi-port PCI cards lying around for its successor, a B/W G3,
but have yet to find the time to set them up.

The G3's serial console is attached to a Quadra 650 running ZTerm.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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