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Re: how ok is NetBSD (-6) with an ext2fs root fs?

gdt@ wrote:

> I have a NetBSD-6 system with a P2020 (evbpcc architecture, but a custom
> board), and because U-Boot doesn't grok ffs or bsd disklabels, it would
> be convenient to run the system with an ext2fs root.

Isn't it enought to have small ext2fs (or FAT) partition to put
a kernel (or native bootloader) to be loaded by U-Boot
and have FFS root file system that can be recognized by the kernel?
arc and cobalt (and some evbarm boards) use such strategy.

> Have people run systems with ext2fs as the root fs?  On big-endian
> machines, and ppc?   How did it work?

It's better to file a PR how it did NOT work,
otherwise the answer was "it should work."

I had checked ext2fs on sgimips and root on ext2fs on i386,
but not BE + rootfs.
Izumi Tsutsui

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