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Re: Severe netbsd-6 NFS server-side performance issues

At 10:03 Uhr -0700 30.5.2012, Brian Buhrow wrote:
>Was this machine running ans serving nfs under NetBSD-5?


> How
>was its performance there?  Did the performance go to heck when you did the
>raid upgrade?

The machine ran stably (uptime 150 d) under netbsd-5 with a MegaRAID 320-2
controller. After the upgrade with the 320-4X, performance was good (i.e.
better than before the upgrade), but the machine began to be flaky: After a
day or three, the nfsd would just stop serving, making a reboot necessary.

Upgrading to netbsd-6 partly fixed that, but brought up other issues; I
guess the increased data throughput hit a few kernel limits. After
kern/46136 had been fixed, the machine ran mostly fine (as in: a panic a
week) and performed well (> 100 MBytes/sec peak) for about two weeks, after
which performance broke in as described.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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