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libusb-1.0 for NetBSD

Just want to let the users here know that libusb-1.0.9 release
support NetBSD (using OpenBSD backend). You are welcome
to try it.

libusbx is a fork of libusb-1.0 and it has more active development.

It has also NetBSD support. But right now the OpenBSD/NetBSD
codes are a bit behind the other OS (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows)
since it does not support some target features for the upcoming
1.0.12 release, eg, the topology API.;a=commit;h=cfb8610242394d532778a483570089c2bed52c84

Also missing is this minor one.;a=commit;h=6d47fa1bc52562f673c30e5fd36f8ae44ed102e8

Hopefully those who are interested in libusbx can subscribe to libusbx
mailing list and help improve the codes for NetBSD.


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