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Re: Problems with packages on a netbsd-6 sparc

> > Looking at it in gdb it certainly looks like a mis-aligned access.
> > But, I'm not sure what "<optimized out>" means.
> > 0x00024e24 in make_pwitem (pw=0x204a7aa8, name=0x0) at ./pwutil.c:178
> > 178         memcpy(newpw, pw, sizeof(struct passwd));
> > (gdb) print newpw
> > $1 = <optimized out>
> > (gdb) print pw
> > $2 = (const struct passwd *) 0x204a7aa8

My guess is that the crash actually happens a few instructions later,
at one of the FIELD_COPY(...) lines that tries to set fields in newpw.

Are you looking at the core dump with gdb, or are you stepping through it?
I'll bet that if you step through it you'll see it get past this memcpy call.


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