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Problems with packages on a netbsd-6 sparc

  So, I have an old sparc20 I was getting running, and I built a April 29 
netbsd-6 for it, and it seemed to boot and run just fine.  I had a few watchdog 
reset problems, but running without mixing processor speeds seems to have fixed 

  Right now I'm running it with a pair of 125Mhz Hypersparcs.  And, it's 
working fine.  But, I noticed that one of the early packages I built, sudo, 
received a bus error as soon as it was run.

  Going back to pkgsrc, and building again, I saw it behave the same way.  So I 
built it again after modifying the makefile replacing "-O2" with "-g", and it 
suddenly works.  At least, as root, I was able to "sudo date" and see:

# ./sudo date
sudo: unknown login class: daemon
Tue May  1 12:30:59 EDT 2012

  So, I built it again, with -O2 and saw what I'd seen before:

# ./sudo date
Bus error 

  Does anyone have any idea what the issue is here?  Compiler bug?  Thanks...  
I'll do some more testing with different optimization levels, but the problem 
clearly exists...

        - Chris

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