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Re: Badly need help : Microhpone not working

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 10:28:31AM -0700, Brian Buhrow wrote:
> What happens if you try:
> mixerctl -w record.source=mic
> or
> mixerctl -w record.source=mic2

Only allowable value for above field is ADC01. See below:

$ mixerctl -av
outputs.master=254,254 volume delta=2
outputs.master.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.master2=254,254 volume delta=2
outputs.master2.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.master3=254,254 volume delta=2
outputs.master3.mute=off  [ off on ]
record.mic=0,0 volume delta=51
inputs.reclvl=0,0 volume delta=17
record.mic2=0,0 volume delta=256
record.mic2.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.beep=255,255 volume delta=64
outputs.dacsel=DAC00  { DAC00 }
record.source=ADC01  { ADC01 }

If I still try, it says "Bad set value"

>       When you record do you get silence or does the recording program write
> no output at all?  That is, do you get a file with bytes in it, but when you
> play it it's silent or do you get a file of 0 length when you try to record?

Only time I get some weak noise from recorded file is when I set
record.mic to 189,189 or above. For all other combinations I get complete
silence. This noise, too, has nothing to do with whether mic is even
connected or not.


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