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Re: Badly need help : Microhpone not working

        Hello.  In looking at your previous message, it looks like you need to
set the recording source to the device you want.
In the output you supply, I see:
> record.mic=63,63
> record.mic2=128,128
> record.mic2.mute=off
> inputs.beep=255,255
> outputs.dacsel=DAC00
> record.source=ADC01

What happens if you try:
mixerctl -w record.source=mic
mixerctl -w record.source=mic2

        When you record do you get silence or does the recording program write
no output at all?  That is, do you get a file with bytes in it, but when you
play it it's silent or do you get a file of 0 length when you try to record?


On Mar 27, 10:45pm, Mayuresh wrote:
} Subject: Badly need help : Microhpone not working
} I am only one step short of switching to NetBSD as my primary desktop OS.
} After a few months of usage I am pretty comfortable and largely satisfied
} with the OS.
} One thing that still doesn't work is microphone. So no voip, no recording
} possible. This keeps me from being on NetBSD all the time and making it my
} primary OS.
} I have posted a mail before that gives hardware details and other mixer
} settings etc:
} I have also logged a PR:
} Thought at least a few other users must be facing such issue. So a bit
} surprising that the list is completely silent on this issue.
} If it is a known issue and is unlikely to be fixed in 6.0, please let me
} know the bad news as well ;-)
} Mayuresh.
>-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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