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Re: release directories and naming for install images, live images, and isos

On 3/19/12 1:19 AM, Alan Barrett wrote:
On Fri, 16 Mar 2012, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
To make things a bit better organized, I propose to make the following changes:

- name images a more descriptive name. ("NetBSD-6.99.4-amd64-inst.img.gz", for example)

Good.  The "inst" part of your example might need to be longer, to
encode things like whether or not it contains an installer, whether or
not it's usable as a "live" rescue image, whether or not it contains set
files, ...  Some thought should also be given to the naming of
multi-architecture images.

I would actually think that multi-architecture images are a thing of the past. What's the current use case? It seems a lot of extra complexity for something which would rarely get used.

- install images and ISOs in $RELEASEDIR/images, to keep them in a single place. - create a symlink $RELEASEDIR/images -> $RELEASEDIR/iso so people used to looking for ISOs don't get lost

I like moving from "iso" to "images". I don't like the inconsistency between "iso" at this level and "cdrom" under RELEASEDIR/${MACHINE}/installation, and changing to "images would resolve that. If we must have a symlink then I think it should be "iso -> images", not "images -> iso".

I only just realized the confusion between the arguments to "ln" and the output of ls -l. My intent was that "iso" would be the link.

We currently store small images in RELEASEDIR/${MACHINE}/installation/{cdrom,floppy,...}, and large images in RELEASEDIR/iso. I think it's useful to store small and large images in different places, because small images may be embedded inside large images. ("small" means "not including set files", and "large" means "including set files".) It's not clear to me whether you propose to change this.

The current install-image and live-image targets don't make "small" files. I hadn't proposed to change that, but I would find them useful too.

release(7) doesn't say where the outputs from live-image and install-image will go, but src/BUILDING says RELEASEDIR/liveimage and RELEASEDIR/installimage. I'd suggest moving them to RELEASEDIR/images too, changing the names to fit in with the new convention, and documenting this properly.

I haven't read src/BUILDING recently, but if that's where it says they're put, it's actually wrong. :)

- create symlinks for ISOs and images into $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/cdrom and install-image $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/respectively

Please could you clarify exactly what symlinks you propose to add. I don't understant either which direction the symlinks would go or which files or images would have links.

My intent was the "real" files would follow the current pattern; large images outside $arch, small images inside. (and, where appropriate, symlinks to make clear where "large" images really live - I don't see a need to link to the small images).


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