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Re: Netbooting a sparc64 (netbsd-6)


>> I have had no end of problems netbooting when connected to some
>> models of Cisco Catalyst switch.  The [dominant] model in use here is
>> a 2924, and it seems to take *forever* to do [its] autonegociation.
>> So long that first ofwboot, and then the kernel frequently timeout.
> I've had related issues with a SS20 connected to a 2924 (specifically,
> a WS-C2924-XL-EN) - unless I specifically tell it to use twisted pair,
> it will time out and switch to AUI when the ROMs are trying to netboot.
> In my case, since the SS20's interface is 10-only, I put a small 10Mb
> hub between the SS20 and the Cisco, which "fixed it" - ie, made the
> symptom go away, though of course it didn't actually repair the
> underlying problem.

I had similar problems on catalyst as long as 'spanning-tree portfast'
was not configured on the port.
(but it should be configured by default on access ports to avoid blocked
switchport issues on the client side)


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