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Re: How to get into ddb after system is booted?

On Wed, 1 Feb 2012, Paul Goyette wrote:

> Hmmm, very odd.  When a brand-new 5.99.63 kernel boots, it seems that cnmagic
> is zero-length.
>       # sysctl -x hw.cnmagic
>       hw.cnmagic = 00
>       #
> This is from the single-user shell, right after boot, so I don't know why it
> doesn't get the same value as from my 5.99.59 system:
>       # sysctl -x hw.cnmagic
>       hw.cnmagic = 270200
>       #
> (I don't think there is anything in the config file that would cause this, but
> I have attached the config just in case.)

Initialization of the cnmagic string is supposed to be done by the console 
input device to make sure it's set to an appropriate value.  (No point in 
setting it to "Stop-A" if you don't have a "Stop" key on your keyboard.) 
If the input device identified for the console does not support cnmagic 
you can get random results.


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