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Re: Clearing the Journal

In Message <>,
   Matthew Mondor <>wrote:

=>On Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:18:06 -0500
=>Gary Duzan <> wrote:
=>>    Due to a series of unfortunate events involving panics and bad
=>> decisions, I believe I'm in a situation where my WAPBL journal has
=>> inodes to free which have already been freed, so I get a panic
=>> whenever I mount it read/write. Is there a straightforward way to
=>> clear the journal so that this no longer happens? An fsck doesn't
=>> do it.
=>I've never had to do it, but it's possible that tunefs's -l 0 would
=>allow to do what you want?

   Possibly. As it turns out, though, I was able to clear the problem
by booting from install media, mounting the file system without the
log option, and rebooting. I believe there is a "last mounted logged"
flag, or something to that effect, which would have been cleared in
this case. Of course, I only remember this after sending the email...


                                        Gary Duzan

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