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PAM-enabled utilities can't find ""

After the recent version shuffle on PAM, I rebuilt a release and updated
a couple of port-i386 machines.  One works just fine, the other started
giving me problems like:

Jan  3 09:56:55 fred login: in openpam_dynamic(): m
Jan  3 09:56:55 fred login: in openpam_load_module(): no found
Jan  3 09:56:55 fred login: pam_start failed: system error

'login' is just one example.  All PAM-enabled programs fail the same way.

Looking at "/usr/lib/security" shows:

  -r--r--r--  1 root  wheel   5219 Jan  2 19:36

The system that works was previously updated with the bumped version of
the libraries, then updated with "unbumped" versions, so that one has
both.  The system that fails was updated before the bump and after the
reversion, so only has the ".3" version of the libraries.

The system that works has "/usr" in the root file system.  The system
that now fails has "/usr" as a separate file system.  This has never
caused a problem before...

This was an update build "-u".  I just built it again and re-installed
all the sets.  No change.  I suppose I'll try a non-update build next.

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