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Re: Stability problems on current running on acorn32

In article <>,
Mike Pumford  <> wrote:
>Christos Zoulas wrote:
>>> iomd_clock.patch: Use the IOMD timer to provide a more accurate delay()
>>> implementation. Previous implementation was becoming increasingly
>>> optimised away by newer GCC versions to the point that the keyboard
>>> driver no longer worked correctly. I'm not sure whether the SPL based
>>> locking is better than the disable interrupt approach or if I should be
>>> doing something else entirely here.
>> If the bus space functions don't work properly, then they should be fixed
>> as opposed to open-coding them.
>This would be the IOMD_READ/IOMD_WRITE routines in delay()? Is it 
>possible to use these before the device is attached? Many of the calls 
>to delay happen before clockattach where the bus space tags become 

Ah, ok it makes sense then.

>Is there a way to ensure clockattach is called before the first kernel 
>call to delay occurs? I modelled this delay routine on the 
>sys\arch\x86\isa\clock.c which seems to use inb directly rather than bus 
>space for much the same reason.

No need to re-order things. This is a special case.


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