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Re: Stability problems on current running on acorn32

Christos Zoulas wrote:

iomd_clock.patch: Use the IOMD timer to provide a more accurate delay()
implementation. Previous implementation was becoming increasingly
optimised away by newer GCC versions to the point that the keyboard
driver no longer worked correctly. I'm not sure whether the SPL based
locking is better than the disable interrupt approach or if I should be
doing something else entirely here.

If the bus space functions don't work properly, then they should be fixed
as opposed to open-coding them.

This would be the IOMD_READ/IOMD_WRITE routines in delay()? Is it possible to use these before the device is attached? Many of the calls to delay happen before clockattach where the bus space tags become available.

Is there a way to ensure clockattach is called before the first kernel call to delay occurs? I modelled this delay routine on the sys\arch\x86\isa\clock.c which seems to use inb directly rather than bus space for much the same reason.


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