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Re: second call: build fails on i386/vmware host.

On Mon, 26 Sep 2011, yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
I have updated sources numerous timed and tried to clean build both tools:
./ -O ../obj -T ../tools -u tools
(which results in a fail untill I manually copy
  /usr/obj/tools/host-mkdep/host-mkdep to
which I never had to do before...

Running without "-U" is unusual. You usually want to build in unprivileged mode, with the "-U" flag.

Running witgh "-u" will attempt to re-use whatever partial results are present in the tool and obj directories. Removing those directories will perform a clean build, which might work better.

If you report what the failure is, instead of just "results in a fail", then perhaps somebody will be able to help further.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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