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Re: Kingston Data Traveler

From Iain Hibbert <>:

> adding model 0x1624 to the umass quirks table as per other Kingston
> products (comment there says they don't like to be told to lock the door)
> solved the problem for me with no negative reaction from the working
> device
Where did you find the model number 0x1624?  Do you put this in the kernel 
config file and then rebuild the kernel?

What are the vendor and product codes displkayed by "usbdevs -v"?
--apb (Alan Barrett)
I don't remember, never thought to run this for the Kingston Data Traveler, 
though I think I might have tried this with the 
HP n1212mf printer when I got the message that no USB printers were found; this 
was with hplip on the older computer.

Now I'm in FreeBSD 9.0-BETA2 on the new computer, will try to see what happens 
with "usbdevs -v" next time I'm in NetBSD on either the older or the new 


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