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Re: Kingston Data Traveler

From Iain Hibbert <>:

> I have a pair of Kingston Data Traveler 4Gb sticks which appear identical,
> except that one of them does not work with NetBSD and the other works
> fine. I guess this is the "known problem" which was alluded to in this
> thread (I don't see a PR about it), how can I diagnose this?

Do you have a model number showing for the offending Kingston Data Travelers?

My NetBSD-incapable Kingston Data Travelers have printed:


while the NetBSD-capable ones don't have such a number.

I got the same "generic HBA error" that you got with the NetBSD-incapable ones.

I didn't save the other messages, and don't remember the details; am in FreeBSD 
9.0_BETA2 amd64 now.

But the NetBSD-4.0.1-capable 4GB Kingston Data Traveler would be older than the 
NetBSD-incapable ones.


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