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Re: Recent i386-GENERIC panic

As noted by Paul Goyette:

On Tue, 13 Sep 2011, John D. Baker wrote:

The most likely suspect:

Will test sources at 201108291447Z vs 201108291448Z to confirm.

Bingo!  GENERIC kernel from 201108291447Z sources works.  GENERIC
kernel form 201108291448Z sources does not.  (I'm remote, so I must
infer the failure of SSH to connect means it has panicked as before.)

'dmesg' output from last working kernel at:

in case there's a clue as to what makes this machine (nominally a HP
Pavilion a1235c) a "speshul snoflayk" with regards to pci modularization.
I suspect some shenanigans from the previous owner who haxx0r3d it to
run MacOS X.  ISTR he mentioned rolling a custom BIOS for it.

Too bad there's no hardware serial port on this machine or I'd be able
to capture the panic and backtrace.

(This machine is the same one that couldn't cope with the radeon driver
in X11 and take a full minute to initialize the screen using the VESA
driver, as recorded in a thread beginning here:

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