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Re: Suitable host to (cross-)build NetBSD?

I would expect FreeBSD or Linux to be able to cross build fine.  That
will result in an iso image.

  I've been having great trouble installing NetBSD on my new Intel Sandy
  Bridge hardware and getting it to boot.

Could you describe your hardware precisely (motherboard model, cpu
designation, disks, what they are hooked up to)?

I cannot tell if your problems are because you're trying to use a USB3
disk, or a >2T disk as the system disk, or something else.

It sounds like you have installed to a USB stick, so it would seem like
the motherboard/cpu/usb are fine, and your issue is about a big drive.

I'm also not sure what changes you want to make in building the code
yourself - are you going to work on GPT support for sysinst?

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