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C compiler cannot create executables

Hello all, 

I'm running -current, updated as of yesterday, 21.08, and, while
gcc can compile simple C programs, when I try to rebuild all my packages, 
I get the error stated in the subject. Anyone else seeing this? The sistem is a 
vbox guest, i386 with a single line in mk.conf - 'ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+= 
vim-license'. The commands I used for rebuilding are taken from :

-pkg_info -Q PKGPATH -a > pkgs_i_want_to_have
-pkg_info -a | sed 's/ .*//' | tail -r | while read p ; do pkg_delete $p ; done
-cat pkgs_i_want_to_have |
   (while read pp ; do cd /usr/pkgsrc/$pp ; make && make install ; done)


Rares Aioanei

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