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PAE vs. NFS server

Previously, in a thread starting with:

I described how i386 kernels with "options PAE" would panic when any
NFS server software (including 'amd') was started.

I tried again today with a 5.99.47 kernel build from sources updated
approximately 201103011350Z.

My first attempt to boot a kernel that was simply GENERIC with PAE
enabled failed with the message:

heap full (0x4f570+4096)

and severel hundred more lines of "exit" before finally hanging.

I tried again with my usual custom kernel but with PAE enabled and it
booted successfully, went multiuser and started NFS-server software
(amd, mountd, nfsd) without complaint.

I tried the GENERIC w/PAE kernel again and it booted this time and went
multiuser, but 'mountd' hung when attempting to start it.  Hitting
control-C aborted it and everything else came up OK.

Rebooting my custom+PAE kernel again (which started all NFS server
programs without complaint), I noticed that 'amd' worked OK, but my
remote NFS clients' requests were not being answered.

Rebooting my non-PAE custom kernel restored working NFS server

So, some great progress (no panics), but not quite solved (NFS server

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