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LVM won't create PV on raid partition


Just noticed this behaviour on a 5.99.40 system:

# lvm pvcreate /dev/rvnd0d
  Physical volume "/dev/rvnd0d" successfully created
# lvm pvcreate /dev/rraid0h

  Device /dev/rraid0h not found (or ignored by filtering).

h: 96468864 50331648 unused 0 0 # (Cyl. 49152 - 143359*)

(Different "problem":)
While trying to create a PV on vnd0a:

  /dev/rvnd0a: write failed after 0 of 2048 at 0: Read-only file system
  /dev/rvnd0a not wiped: aborting

but.. (fstype=4.2BSD)
# newfs -O2 /dev/rvnd0a

/dev/rvnd0a: 16.0MB (32768 sectors) block size 4096, fragment size 512
        using 4 cylinder groups of 4.00MB, 1024 blks, 1808 inodes.
super-block backups (for fsck_ffs -b #) at:
144, 8336, 16528, 24720,

or fstype=unused:
 /dev/rvnd0a: open failed: Device not configured
  Can't open /dev/rvnd0a exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?

Now I understand why it says 'device not configured' but this seems picky, shouldn't it say the same for the 'd' partition too, then?

Also, according to the manpage:
pvcreate initializes PhysicalVolume for later use by the Logical Volume Manager (LVM). Each PhysicalVolume can be a disk partition, whole
       disk, meta device, or loopback file.

The question is: Shouldn't creating a PV on raid0h (fstype=unused) work?

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