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Re: state of ZFS in -current?

On Tue, 16 Nov 2010 20:39 -0500, "Greg Troxel" <> wrote:
> My impression is that zfs in netbsd isn't ready for depending on, but
> I'm not sure.  I wonder if you can run zfs in rump and run regression
> tests.

OK, might be able to do something like that.

> I've been thinking of getting a single-board computer to
> nat/firewall/v6-router/tahoe-node etc.  Would you recommend a 5501?

I've had it a while and I like them, but there are other boards out
there now that do a similar thing - the unit doesn't have video, so
anything that requires a graphical install wouldn't work.  Other than
that about the only issue is that it has a limited set of boot options
(PXE, ide/sata or flash only, not USB or outboard CDROM) ... once over
that hurdle, it is an excellent platform for network-centric stuff like
that - even the earlier and smaller net4801 is good enough for
firewalling/routing duties and can even handle some mail (as long as
your anti-spam is set to be CPU friendly).

I first encountered these units at an AUUG conference where I was
attending a tutorial on pf, carp and pfsync under FreeBSD - the
instructor had two net4801 running a firewall as a fail-over pair and
from that moment I was sold ... :)

> Do you have internal sata 2 disks in a 5501, RAID1?  Was the problem
> that you didn't notice raidctl -s showing one was bad?  Does it run hot?
> Or are the drives on USB?

it has a single SATA port, so I had to have the other disk attached via
USB.  I'd accidentally let the USB disk power off at one point and
hadn't realised, then some sectors on the internal disk went bad before
I could resync them ... plus 500GB takes around 24h to sync on this
thing, so it's not quick by any means (although this is probably more
down to the speed of the USB interface, I'd suspect).

It doesn't run particularly hot - the CPU doesn't even have a heat sink
... :)

I'm fairly confident I have enough of the data on there to piece it back
together, I'm just looking for a solution that at least lets me re-use
the hardware in a slightly more sane manner ... 

Annoyingly, although it has CF slots as well as SATA, there appear to be
combinations where you can't use both at the same time ... but I'm
possibly trying to do too much with it - it's really intended as a
firewall/router combo rather than a NAS.  It was also running my MP3
streamer for a time, although large database queries with that did tend
to make the audio choke a bit because it was under-powered ... 

I got these in Australia from who have a
range of similarly specced boards which may help to give you an idea of
what's available ... 


Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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