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state of ZFS in -current?

One of the disks in my home low-power server[1] died recently ... due in
some part to laziness I discovered that my entire mirror was bad, so I
have two broken 500GB disks and some data on there I need to recover ...
so far so stupid ... :)

I was idly thinking of migrating my data to ZFS since I use Solaris at
work and am comfortable with the failure modes of ZFS on larger disks
... unfortunately the low-power nature of the box means it's pretty
low-specced in terms of memory and hardware and doesn't have much in the
way of upgrade options - which is fair enough, as it's designed for
embedded applications.

Running Solaris on the host seems to be out, as anecdotally this would
require much more memory ... so, if I were to load a recent -current
what state is the ZFS port in at the moment?  Is it usable?  Is it
stable?  What sort of memory requirements does it have (presumably, more
is better)?



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