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Re: ISC supports NetBSD, please support ISC

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010 18:29:31 -0500, Michael Graff wrote:

> We are asking for your support of ISC, so we may continue to support
> great projects like NetBSD.
> ISC (more verbosely known as Internet Systems Consortium) has provided
> rack space and network bandwidth to NetBSD project servers for many
> years.  We have every intention of doing so in the future.

My employer has an association with ISC, and I have never had cause to 
regret it, or the interactions with the ISC staff. Without ISC the Asia 
Pacific Internet would be greatly impoverished. The investment in 
rootserver deployments alone has made a transformative change to services 
in region. 

ISC do an amazing amount of public benefit work which affect us all, 24/7 
and it never ceases to amaze me how they manage to keep it afloat on so 
little financial capital. in "social capital" terms they are rich, and 
spend it for all of us well.

I've seen Michael in action in public, he is a good advocate for NetBSD 
when its on mission for him, and has a really good sense of the shared 

I know many other staff in the ISC who work on things like DHCP, Bind, 
DNS service measurement, IETF standards development, routing security and 
they are increadibly motivated, capable people.

So I urge people to get behind this call for support. 


PS this was an entirely unrequested endorsement. I'm writing from the 

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