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ISC supports NetBSD, please support ISC

We are asking for your support of ISC, so we may continue to support
great projects like NetBSD.

ISC (more verbosely known as Internet Systems Consortium) has provided
rack space and network bandwidth to NetBSD project servers for many
years.  We have every intention of doing so in the future.

ISC is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and must do certain things to retain
this status.  We are not in any danger of losing our non-profit status.
 However, one metric that is looked at is how widely our benefit to the
community is.

The best way to assist ISC is to become a BIND or DHCP Individual forum
member.  Another way is through one-time donations.  No donation is too
small.  An Individual member costs USD$85 for one year, and gives
certain benefits should you also run our software.  More importantly, it
allows us to show that we are continuing to serve a diverse community.

To sign up for an Individual membership for the BIND forum:

To sign up for an Individual membership for the DHCP forum:

To make a one-time donation:

ISC also offers other forum levels which are more appropriate for
organizations.  Please see for details.


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