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Re: dhcpcd vs dhclient

I'm still using dhclient and since updating to 5.1_RC3 also find that
the first run of it after boot, the interface is still listed as
'offline' and has no IP ... I need to manually kill dhclient and restart
it again before it works ... I haven't tried dhcpcd to know whether that
works or not ... 

this is consistent across two different NICs (an ale and a USB based one
I can't recall at the moment), so I don't think it's a specific driver
issue ... 

On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 21:07 -0400, "Chris Ross" 
>   I have a -current machine that I was bringing online, and while I've
>   used dhclient on my machines for years (mostly with the DHCP server
>   configured to hand out static addresses based on MAC), I notice that
>   dhcpcd exists now, and is what happens when you put ifconfig_xx0="dhcp"
>   into rc.conf.  So, I thought I'd try it.
>   On my 5.99.36 i386 machine from mid-July, it seems highly unreliable. 
>   More often than not it fails to get an address, and seems to not be
>   running by the time the machine gets to multi-user, without having
>   logged anything.
>   First, what is the pro vs con on using dhcpcd instead of dhclient?  Why
>   is one better than another?  Then, after that, is anyone using dhcpcd
>   successfully on a -current machine of any architecture?
>   Thanks.
>                       - Chris

Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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