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dhcpcd vs dhclient

  I have a -current machine that I was bringing online, and while I've used 
dhclient on my machines for years (mostly with the DHCP server configured to 
hand out static addresses based on MAC), I notice that dhcpcd exists now, and 
is what happens when you put ifconfig_xx0="dhcp" into rc.conf.  So, I thought 
I'd try it.

  On my 5.99.36 i386 machine from mid-July, it seems highly unreliable.  More 
often than not it fails to get an address, and seems to not be running by the 
time the machine gets to multi-user, without having logged anything.

  First, what is the pro vs con on using dhcpcd instead of dhclient?  Why is 
one better than another?  Then, after that, is anyone using dhcpcd successfully 
on a -current machine of any architecture?


                      - Chris

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