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Re: Strange USB crash

On Sat, 5 Jun 2010, Jonathan A. Kollasch wrote:

My questions to the usb experts:

1) should I just rebuild without DIAGNOSTIC and ignore the error?

2) Is "something bad(tm)" going to happen later if it does double-free?

3) Is this indicative of some other underlying problem?

   And if so, how would I go about finding and fixing it?

For now, I'm going to remove DIAGNOSTIC, since I really need my nfs
server to be relatively stable.  :)

Sure this isn't kern/30398?

Pretty sure. The issue in 30398 was a result of test that happens very early in the ohci_softintr() code, around line 1294 (where it is "reversing the done list"):

                        DPRINTFN(5,("add ITD %p\n", sitd));
    >>>>        panic("ohci_softintr: addr 0x%08lx not found", (u_long)done);

        DPRINTFN(10,("ohci_softintr: sdone=%p sidone=%p\n", sdone, sidone));

My panic is happening quite a bit later in the processing, after we've completed the transfer and are deaaling with "process_done" stuff.

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