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Re: failing regression tests (please fix them!)

On Wed Jun 02 2010 at 19:20:24 +0100, Iain Hibbert wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Antti Kantee wrote:
> > lib/libevent/t_event:kqueue,
> > lib/libevent/t_event:poll,
> > lib/libevent/t_event:select,
> I wrote these tests (actually, atf-wrappers around the libevent provided
> tests) and they seem to work on my system (-current i386) as per the
> output of 'atf-run' attached (in the src/tests/lib/libevent directory)
> Following the link you gave, I found
>   lib/libevent/t_event (127/171): 3 test cases
>       kqueue: Failed: check report
>       poll: Failed: check report
>       select: Failed: check report
> you know where I can find the failure report?

With a few hours of waiting you can easily produce it yourself (probably
required for debugging tests anyway) by running:
"anita test<date>/i386/"

(in the would-be-cool-but-nobody-interpret-this-like-i'm-volunteering-them
department, would be cool if there was a symlink to the latest succesful
build so we could have a stable url for "latest succesful build")

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