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Re: IDN hostname resolution in NetBSD

On May 26, 2010, at 22:58, Chris Ross wrote:
And, while I'm asking the question, is there any known issues/ resolutions with setting a NetBSD machines local hostname to an UTF-8, or Latin-1 even, name?

Following up on this late part of the question, it looks like UTF-8 is bad for local hostnames. Many things get confused, not the least of which is wsconsole. But sshd seems to generate keys without understanding it as UTF-8, and postfix harfs, etc etc.

Setting it to a latin1 hostname, including an ö, seems to almost work, or at least show the right thing on boot, but postfix still harfs. Looks like postfix can't handle anything other than 7-bit ascii in it's retrieved hostname.

And, when using latin1, zsh (4.3.10, with a UTF-8 $LANG) screws up pretty badly too, as one might expect.

  So, I think this may be "a bad idea".  :-(

                - Chris

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