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IDN hostname resolution in NetBSD

So, I'm thinking about naming a host something that includes an upper-ASCII character. In looking into IDN, and how that works in bind, I was able to add the hostname's A record into my local nameserver (running stock bind on a NetBSD 5.1_RC1 machine). Interestingly, this seems to work just fine from my mac. I can ping the hostname, and it resolves, and ping behaves as expected. I find that I can't use host(1) (or nslookup(1) for that matter) to resolve it, though.

It's worse on my NetBSD machines. Both 5.1_RC1 machines and 5.99.29 machines, if i try to host, or ping, or anything the name (I've set my LANG environment variable to en_US.UTF-8), I simply get name resolution failures.

Is the resolver in NetBSD able to resolve IDN in a relatively transparent way? Are there hoops that need to be jumped through? And, while I'm asking the question, is there any known issues/ resolutions with setting a NetBSD machines local hostname to an UTF-8, or Latin-1 even, name?

                         - Chris

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