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Re: Samba stopped working on yesterday's -current

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Christos Zoulas wrote:

The kernel config includes the following:

{112} config -x | grep PAX
###> options    PAX_MPROTECT=0          # PaX mprotect(2) restrictions
###> options    PAX_ASLR=0              # PaX Address Space Layout Randomization

Is PAX_ASLR=0 different from omitting it entirely?

Yes, it is, and it will make a difference. Try changing this line:

            ilog2(pax_align), PAX_ASLR_DELTA_EXEC_LEN), pax_align);
            ilog2(pax_align), PAX_ASLR_DELTA_EXEC_LEN), pax_align) + PAGE_SIZE;

1. Where would that line be found?

2. If, in accordance with a subsequent Email in this thread, I update
   my sources, do I still need to make the above change?

3. If I update sources, do I need to remove the PAX_* lines from my

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