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Re: wm(4) issue/question

Hello, Chris.

From: Chris Ross <>
Subject: wm(4) issue/question
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:06:36 -0500

>   First of all, I want to point out that I don't presume this is
>   necessarily related to the wm(4) driver.  But, it does involve one,
>   and I have an issue I don't understand.  I'm hoping someone closer to
>   the wm sources might be able to assist me.
>   I have an i386 router with a fiber Intel GigE card ("Intel i82543GC
>   1000BASE-X Ethernet, rev. 2").  This is connected to a SX GBIC on a
>   switch, and I'm running numerous 802.1q VLANs across it.  This is all
>   working fine.

 I have a card which has the same chip.

>   I am trying to replace the 10/100 switches (with Gigabit GBIC ports)
>   with full gigabit switches.  I have a Dell 2724 with SX SFP's in it,
>   and I tried connecting the i386 with wm(4) to one of them last night,
>   after trunking that new switch into the existing fabric.
>   I was getting 80% or more packet loss between my desktop and the


>   router (via one of it's many VLAN interfaces).  I was, throughout this
>   attempt, seeing the following type message on the console of the
>   router:

What NetBSD version are you running? Could you give me the full dmesg
and ifconfig wm0 of your system?

> wm0: device timeout (txfree 255 txsfree 63 txnext 6)
> wm0: symbol error
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 252 txsfree 62 txnext 64)
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 252 txsfree 62 txnext 27)
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 227 txsfree 41 txnext 121)
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 249 txsfree 59 txnext 28)
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 252 txsfree 62 txnext 10)
> wm0: device timeout (txfree 255 txsfree 63 txnext 179)
>   So, my first question is, does anyone more familiar with the wm(4)
>   driver have any sense what that message means, and what else I should
>   look at/into to figure out what sort of problem this is?
>   Note, that I didn't try to pull everything into the new infrastructure
>   cold, so things like ARP caches and such may still be involved in the
>   issue(s).  But, this doesn't look like that sort of problem to me.
>   Thanks for any pointers or ideas anyone has...
>                           - Chris

I'll try to reproduce the bug.

PR#40981 is a bug that device timeouts occur, but I suspect that it's a
different bug.

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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