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Re: Proposed changes to the dbcool(4) driver

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
>I posted this to tech-kern@ last week, with no comments.  Based on the 
>lack of responses, I've gone ahead and made the proposed changes.  I'll 
>commit these in a few days unless there's some significant objection.
>When the dbcool(4) driver was commited, sysmon_envsys(9) did not have 
>the ability to retrieve and set sensor limit values in the hardware 
>device.  As a result, dbcool had a separate user interface, using 
>sysctl(8), for this purpose.
>Now that sysmon_envsys has grown the required capability (and it is 
>actually working!), I'd like to remove the bulk of the sysctl interface 
>from the dbcool driver, and provide that functionality using sysmon's 
>capabilities.  (I'll leave intact the ability to control the fan-speed 
>PWM controllers, since there's still no viable alternative.)
>Does anyone see any reason to leave the sysctl interface in place?  If 
>we do leave it, can/should it be enabled/disabled using
>       #define DBCOOL_SYSCTL
>       ...
>       #endif
>My preference would be to remove the sensor limit sysctl completely.

I vote to remove it!


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