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Proposed changes to the dbcool(4) driver

I posted this to tech-kern@ last week, with no comments. Based on the lack of responses, I've gone ahead and made the proposed changes. I'll commit these in a few days unless there's some significant objection.


When the dbcool(4) driver was commited, sysmon_envsys(9) did not have the ability to retrieve and set sensor limit values in the hardware device. As a result, dbcool had a separate user interface, using sysctl(8), for this purpose.

Now that sysmon_envsys has grown the required capability (and it is actually working!), I'd like to remove the bulk of the sysctl interface from the dbcool driver, and provide that functionality using sysmon's capabilities. (I'll leave intact the ability to control the fan-speed PWM controllers, since there's still no viable alternative.)

Does anyone see any reason to leave the sysctl interface in place? If we do leave it, can/should it be enabled/disabled using

        #define DBCOOL_SYSCTL

My preference would be to remove the sensor limit sysctl completely.

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