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Re: hdaudioctl does not find all hdafg devices

I have a hdaudio which doesn't seem to detect the built-in speakers.
(Xubuntu doesn't seem to detect them either since it also doesn't
produce sound from them).

In particular I am missing lines like

On Fri 01 Jan 2010 at 17:00:11 +0100, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> hdafg1: DAC0:02, Analog Speaker: Jack (Green, 14)
> hdafg1: DAC0:03, Analog Speaker: Jack (Orange, 16)
> hdafg1: DAC0:04, Analog Speaker: Jack (Black, 15)
> hdafg1: DAC0:05, Analog Speaker: Jack (Grey, 17)

What I do have instead is some suspicious message:

hdafg0: disable assoc 2 (3) [trace failed]
hdafg0:   assoc 2 pin0: 0C

which may be related?

The lines I do have are in full (from a fairly recent -current)

hdaudio0 at pci0 dev 27 function 0: HD Audio Controller
hdaudio0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 22
hdafg0 at hdaudio0 vendor 0x111D product 0x7608 nid 0x01 (firmware 
hdafg0: disable assoc 2 (3) [trace failed]
hdafg0:   assoc 2 pin0: 0C
hdafg0: DAC0:10, Analog HP Out: Jack (Black, 0A)
hdafg0: ADC1:12, Analog Mic In: Jack (Black, 0B)
hdafg0: 2ch/2ch 44100Hz-192000Hz 16/16 20/32 24/32
audio0 at hdafg0: full duplex, playback, capture, independent
hdafg1 at hdaudio0 vendor 0x8086 product 0x2802 nid 0x01 (firmware 
hdafg1: DAC0:02, Digital Digital Other Out: Jack (Unknown, 03)
hdafg1: 2ch/0ch 48000Hz 16/16*
audio1 at hdafg1: full duplex, playback, capture, independent

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