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hdaudioctl does not find all hdafg devices


I enabled hdaudio for i386 on the netbsd-5 branch and see the following:

hdaudio0 at pci1 dev 5 function 1: HD Audio Controller
ioapic0: int19 a063<vector=63,delmode=0,actlo,level,dest=0> 0<target=0>
hdaudio0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 19
hdafg0 at hdaudio0 vendor 0x1002 product 0x791A nid 0x01 (firmware 
hdafg0: DAC0:02, Digital Digital Other Out: Jack (Unknown, 03)
hdafg0: 2ch/0ch 48000Hz 16/16
audio0 at hdafg0: half duplex, playback
hdaudio1 at pci0 dev 20 function 2: HD Audio Controller
ioapic0: int16 a067<vector=67,delmode=0,actlo,level,dest=0> 0<target=0>
hdaudio1: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16
hdafg1 at hdaudio1 vendor 0x10EC product 0x0888 nid 0x01 (firmware 
hdafg1: DAC0:02, Analog Speaker: Jack (Green, 14)
hdafg1: DAC0:03, Analog Speaker: Jack (Orange, 16)
hdafg1: DAC0:04, Analog Speaker: Jack (Black, 15)
hdafg1: DAC0:05, Analog Speaker: Jack (Grey, 17)
hdafg1: DAC1:25, Analog HP Out: Jack (Green, 1B)
hdafg1: DAC2:06, Digital SPDIF Out: Jack (Orange, 1E)
hdafg1: DAC3:10, Digital Digital Other Out: Jack (Black, 11)
hdafg1: ADC4:08, Analog Mic In: Jack (Pink, 18)
hdafg1: ADC4:08, Analog Line In: Jack (Blue, 1A)
hdafg1: ADC5:09, Analog Mic In: Jack (Pink, 19)
hdafg1: 8ch/2ch 44100Hz-192000Hz 16/16 20/32 24/32
audio1 at hdafg1: full duplex, playback, capture, independent

hdafg0 is the hdmi output which is not useful right now so I want to use
the 'normal' audio device and get some problems with mplayer (I used the
mixer device instead of the audio one for the mixer) and so I thought
to check hdaudioctl:

# hdaudioctl list
codecid 0x00 nid 0x01 vendor 0x1002 product 0x791A subsystem 0x834D1043 device 

But it doesn't list the second audio device.

Audio is working fine with mplayer and i can now change the volume too.


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