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Re: ucom(4) hang up

Hi! Martin,

From: Martin Husemann <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:39:05 +0100

> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 04:17:38PM +0900, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
> > My ucom(4) devices (ucom@uftdi x2) hangs up when tip(1) is executed.
> Do you mean "tip just hangs and does not talk to the modem" or "the
> modem disconnects imediately"?

In my case, it happens with MODEM and other hosts do not exist either.

  # tip -115200 dtyU0
                <--- NetBSD hangs up.
                     Moreover, CPU fan rotates at high speed.
                     The sound might be very noisy.


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