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Re: get usb device descriptor through ioctl?

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, thomas nivelet wrote:

> Opening each endpoint (/dev/ugen0.xy) give me the same error... I read
> in the man that ugen is linked to device which don't have a driver but
> the dfu device I try to access (an OpenMoko Neo Freerunner) is linked
> against umodem0 and the other usb device connected to my computer are
> linked against umass0 and uvideo0, but trying to create this device on
> /dev with MAKEDEV give the error "unknown device". During my research
> on the web before writing to this ML, I've learned that
> umodem0/umass0/uvideo0 are device created by the kernel so it's normal
> to not have access to them from /dev but I don't know the alternative
> to access this device...

if you reboot, press a key to drop into the boot(8) menu and enter "boot
-c", that will get you to the userconf(4) menu - disable the umodem driver
and continue the boot, you should find that the device will connect
instead as ugen(4) (or if not, disable whatever it attaches as also until
it does attach as ugen)

In general its a pain but I think there is no way to access the USB device
from userland unless it attaches in that way..

hope that helps.

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