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Re: HEADS UP: terminfo imported into -current

On Feb 4, 10:50am, (Johnny Billquist) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: HEADS UP: terminfo imported into -current

| Roy Marples wrote:
| > On 02/04/10 04:33, Brian Buhrow wrote:
| >>     Hello.  And the advantages of terminfo over termcap are, exactly,
| >> what, again?  Why are we making this change?  Was it discussed on the
| >> lists?  What does it buy us?  Solaris did this, and it was a pain in the
| >> proverbial backside 15 years ago.  And, I'm not sure it made things 
| >> better,
| >> even to this day.  I'm not against having termcap and terminfo, but I 
| >> think
| >> we should discuss the merrits of this change  before doing it.
| > 
| > We hashed this out on tech-userlevel about 8 months ago.
| >
| There was definitely a lot of discussions, but I couldn't find anywhere 
| any agreement that moving to terminfo was a good idea, or that it should 
| be done. Do you have any reference to that part?

There was no disagreement either. And Roy has been a champ patiently
going through and addressing all our nit-pickings for months!


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