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Re: HEADS UP: terminfo imported into -current

Roy Marples wrote:
On 02/04/10 04:33, Brian Buhrow wrote:
    Hello.  And the advantages of terminfo over termcap are, exactly,
what, again?  Why are we making this change?  Was it discussed on the
lists?  What does it buy us?  Solaris did this, and it was a pain in the
proverbial backside 15 years ago. And, I'm not sure it made things better, even to this day. I'm not against having termcap and terminfo, but I think
we should discuss the merrits of this change  before doing it.

We hashed this out on tech-userlevel about 8 months ago.

There was definitely a lot of discussions, but I couldn't find anywhere any agreement that moving to terminfo was a good idea, or that it should be done. Do you have any reference to that part?


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