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newer ralink devices - updated ral driver

Dear all,

in kern/41418 there has been some work done to port OpenBSD's driver for rl2860 
and other newer wireless adapters from Ralink to NetBSD.

I took these patches and tried to port it further (large parts of the OpenBSD 
driver had been #if 0...#endif'ed to make the compiler happy as a starting 

I think I went a bit futher, I removed all #if 0..#endif blocks, adapted the 
code (especially structes like ieee80211com are slightly different in both 
OS'es). Stuff compiles happily and the driver is coming up:

ral0 at pci2 dev 0 function 0: vendor 0x1814 product 0x0781 (rev. 0x00)
ral0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 17
ral0: timeout waiting for NIC to initialize

However, I have no deeper knowledge of the hardware nor on the NetBSD kernel 
internals (although I use it since years, but I learned quite it bit in this 

Obviously, some parts are still missing, as the attach procedure fails. I 
assume the microcode is not properly loaded. The OpenBSD driver uses a function 
called "loadfirmware", defined here: , where I do not 
find a direct equivalent in NetBSD and I'm still seaching why it is called at 
this stage ( , line 

In other words: anybody wants to join the efford? I would be more than happy to 
provide "my" patches (which of course includes the work Pierre Pronchery).


<>                                                              <>
<> Dr. Torsten Harenberg  <>
<> Bergische Universitaet                                       <>
<> FB C - Physik             Tel.: +49 (0)202 439-3521          <>
<> Gaussstr. 20              Fax : +49 (0)202 439-2811          <>
<> 42097 Wuppertal                                              <>
<>                                                              <>
<><><><><><><>< Of course it runs NetBSD ><> 

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