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Re: Kernel panic in 5.99.24

Should kernel crash dumps work on amd64? I remember having no problems when I was using i386 but that was 2 or 3 years ago...

I caused another panic and the host wrote a crash dump (all those numbers running down from 4xxx to 1 finished with "success" or "succeeded") but when the host boot, it says

Checking for crash dump...
savecore - - - no core dump

I have this kind of fstab

/dev/wd0a       /               ffs     rw,log          1 1
/dev/wd0b       none            swap    sw,dp           0 0
kernfs          /kern           kernfs  rw              0 0
ptyfs           /dev/pts        ptyfs   rw              0 0
procfs          /proc           procfs  rw              0 0
tmpfs           /tmp            tmpfs   rw              0 0

The host has 4 GB RAM and swap is large enough (32 GB).


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