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Re: Quick question - com port

        Hello Paul.  com1 maps to /dev/tty00 in the /dev tree.
Com2 maps to /dev/tty01.
The mapping is done in the kernel.  You could create a /dev/com1 and
symlink it to /dev/tty00 if that makes more sense to you.
The com(4) man pages does seem to show the right file names.

Hope that helps.
On Jan 17, 11:49am, Paul Goyette wrote:
} Subject: Quick question - com port
} I'm about to acquire a system that has only a serial console, so I need 
} to use something like pkgsrc/comms/minicom to talk to it.  I've got a 
} com0 configured in my "host" system, but there doesn't seem to be any 
} /dev/com0 nor any way to coax /dev/MAKEDEV to create it.
} minicom seems to think I should be using a /dev/tty01 but I fail to see 
} where the correlation between tty01 and com0 lies.
} I'm obviously missing a big piece of clue somewhere...
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