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Re: KDE4 on NetBSD 5.99.2

On Monday 04 January 2010 00:40:58 ficovh wrote:
> Hi folks
> Recently installed KDE4 from pkgsrc -current in my T61 running NetBSD
>  5.99.2. Later from 24 hours to compile it, then I'm frustrated running it,
>  why ? I can't see the taskbar and several themes don't work
> and generate crash continuosly.
> Anyone have experiences with KDE4 on NetBSD ? I see the
> screenshots, and several users have sucess running, it.
> Please share experiences and tips.
> Best Regards.


I've had KDE 4.3.3 running uder NetBSD 5.0_STABLE for about 1 month. The whole 
process of getting it running was very frustrating as I didn't want to trash 
my existing desktop system (which ran KDE 3.5.10 well) so I installed on a 
spare system and managed to get it working OKish. I then decided to bite the 
bullet and move it to my main desktop system - a complete disaster ensued as
I ran foul of the crappy xsrc/42287 bug. In the end I installed a Nvidia 
graphics card and the system works OK - but it is easy to trip up 
occasionally.  Don't start dbus from rc.d as this leads to awful hangs and 
anyway KDE starts a user version of dbus automatically. I didn't start mysqld 
either. I had problems with hald running as well.

Maybe I should build the same kde base from scratch on linux and see what is 
running - I suspect the linux distributions like kubuntu add a few hacks to 
the released kde sources...

State of play with some applications:

kmail - a lot more stable than 3.5.10, really good, but some issues with
            gpg signing/encyrption. some of the utilities like kleopatra are
knode - seems to work OK
kjuk - Seems to flop out after about 40 minutes with a sound problem
konqueror - instast crash if you visit and a few other sites,
                 but renders other sites fine and otherwise seems OK.
kaddressbook/organiser - work really well and are stable
dragon player - more stable than kmplayer but missing a shed load of 
themes - I couldn't get these to work, you could download them, but they 
       seemed to go into a blackhole. 

One feature I think could be fixed in the pkg version: I think the KDE 
debugging system should be turned on by default. It might encourage
early adopters to track down the frequent crashes in some apps and
get patches fed back to the pkg developers (and maybe upstream).


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